Feeling burnout? Can’t think?
Struggling and getting nowhere?

This month we want to talk a little about self care, and it’s role in Burnout. 

Self care is a major ethos for us, for we know that if we don’t care for ourselves, no one else will. We see the martyr mindset hold people back from practising good self care all the time, that they don’t deserve the ‘treat’ that is massage, or they don’t have time to put themselves in their own busy schedule.

Physically being able to carry on, vs mentally hitting a wall, is something many of us have to face in our modern life. Sometimes it can be the opposite, our bodies give up on us even when the mind is fine. Burnout is that point when you no longer perform even close to your normal level. The brain says stop what you’re doing. Burnout is not depression, it is exhaustion of physical or emotional strength or motivation usually as a result of prolonged stress or frustration.

As massage therapists, we walk our talk when it comes to self care, as burnout is high in the health & wellness industry. Health care workers & healer have ever-increasing tanks, depleted with running a business, energy transference, physical demands of the job, etc. Our own basic self care includes meditation, regular exercise, weekly or fortnightly massage, practising mindfulness, keeping strong professional boundaries,

As for you, our dear client, we know that when you don’t rebook your regular massage, it’s usually because you’re “too busy” or you ‘can’t’ make yourself a priority. Cancelling your massage seems like the main option, to make more time for what you’re required to do, to fit more of what other’s need from you in, or perhaps meet your own or other’s expectations. 

Self Care as a part of our business values.  The way life operates, we know when you forgo self care, cancelling it, rescheduling it to ‘later’, falls in the exact time when you need to practise more of it. 
Yes, MORE, not less.

Imagine you are a car. The more you drive around, the more fuel you need, the more you need to maintain the car. Your engine requires more to keep it going, you need more fuel in the tank. You are so busy, you may notice the warning light in the engine but ignore it because you don’t have time. You see the fuel gauge drop, throw in some fuel, carry on, and repeat and repeat. Fuel alone doesn’t keep it going. It needs you to add water, oil, a new filter … when you stop maintaining the vehicle, it becomes a workhorse to get from A to B, it gets harder to start, it can splutter, and break down.

So is your body a beautiful vehicle or a workhorse?

You know that once you lose your health, it’s hard to get it back. Our health is our wealth, mind health, emotional health, physical heath. It’s resilience of spirit, improved physical performance, better mental stamina, nothing hold’s you back, not that pain, not that stress. You have the key to maintain your overall health.

When you tell other’s to take care, tell yourself.

For more info on Burnout and Self care:

The tell-tail signs of Burnout

45 Practises for Self Care

Standford Education Health, Stress and Burnout

Wiley Interscience



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