Hot Stone Massage Training

Are you a Beauty or Massage Therapist who would love to offer Hot Stone Massage in your clinic?

Are you a Beauty Therapist who would like to increase patronage and offer your clients an amazing, luxurious experience while increasing your profit levels? Learn techniques and skills that will set you apart from other beauty therapists! Wrap your clients in the grounding warmth of Hot Stones, learn how to keep them connected into the experiences. Gain confidence in holding the stones in different styles of massage strokes, for feet, legs, arms, back, shoulders and neck.

If you’re a recently graduated or experienced massage therapist, hot stones are a great addition to therapeutic and relaxation practice. Learn how to include stones in your regular session work or offer as stand alone treatment. Discover how hot stones assist with trigger point and neuromuscular therapy, and improve the penetration of your work into the deeper layers at a faster rate by increasing circulation quickly, softening the superficial layers.

Hot Stone Massage, given correctly, is an incredibly grounding experience for both Therapist and Client. You will gain understanding to keep yourself centred and balance energy as the stones work for you.


Want to know those little things that set you apart? Want your Hot Stone Massage Training to take your massage from good, to great?

The massage has to be client based, slow, with each stroke thought about how it is given by the therapist and felt by the client. It can not be a routine. The room itself needs to be prepared correctly. The whole client experience in a Hot Stone Massage is key, and this is the difference to what we can teach you.

Hot Stone Massage Training with Integral Massage Therapy & Wellness is intensive. You’ll need to be qualified in body work, minimum NZQA Certificate Level 4, ideally with massage experience.

Integral Massage does One-on-One Training along with Small Workshops (max 4) in your clinic. For more information, please Contact Us