Massage Services

We integrate a variety of techniques, focusing on what you require on the day. Be it a treatment or a treat, we’ll consult with you to ensure we understand what you require, in order to acheive your pain, stress, injury or wellbeing goal. Our therapists are NZ Qualified, with thousands of massage hours under our hands, incorporating evidence and intuition to make you feel great.

Our On-site Corporate Massage is a combination of Relaxation and Deep Tissue Massage, tailored to suit each person, as we believe everybody is different and has different requirements at each visit. For further information please Contact Us

Relaxation Massage

A wonderful, relaxing massage that ranges from a full or part-body, to soothe and rest you, bringing tranquility, and peace to your body and mind.

We pride ourselves on providing one of the most relaxing Relaxation Massages around, by slowing the nervous system with slow speed massage techniques to induce a sense of deep calm, restorating wellbeing. Relaxation massage has been proven to reduce perceived stress, lower your blood pressure, reduce stress-hormone (cortisol) levels throughout the body. True Mind/Body/Soul connection.

  • Long flowing strokes
  • Slow, soothing speed
  • Pressure to suit you
  • Focusing on relaxing your body
  • De-stressing your mind
  • Healing your soul
  • Pampering and Caring.

A wonderful massage for someone who needs time out, wants a treat, or on a regular basis to maintain health & well being.

Deep Tissue

Deep tissue massage helps stimulate blood flow, reduce built-up ‘knots’,  improve flexibility, decrease stiffness in joints and reduce muscle aches.  We work on a pressure scale so that there is no ‘bad’ pain; the level of pressure must be suitable for you and incorporate trigger point, neuromuscular and myofascial techniques to obtain your required result. Great to target specific areas.

Incorporates a variety of techniques to:

  • Warm the layers of tissues
  • Break down tension in muscle fibres
  • Work through deeper layers of muscle
  • Reduce pain and pain related conditions
  • Increase range of motion
  • Tailored to suit

Beneficial for people who suffer headaches, migraines, sore necks, shoulder tension, stiff backs, tight leg muscles, heavy arms.

Hot Stone Massage – We can train you!

This is a superb and deeply indulgent spa-quality massage, where the warmth from the stones seems to melt your muscles like butter.  Wonderfully warming in winter to ease the chill from your muscles and bones.  Known as thermotherapy, the combination of heat with massage techniques increases a sense of deep connection within the body, muscles soften from the heat, circulation increases, and localised aches are soothed. Clients may feel a ‘detached’ feeling from the body as their mind drifts away from the incredible cocooning aspect of the heat and energy of the stones. Balancing, nurturing and healing on many levels.

  • Warm stones are placed in the palms of your hands
  • Stones can be laid upon chakra points of your body, placed in your hands, laid on your feet
  • Your therapist cocoons you with warm massage oil
  • Basalt stones for massage are heated in water
  • Your stress will melt away.

Please note: Due to warm nature of this massage which can induce a deep sleep-like state, we recommend you avoid any strenuous activity after your training, bring a bottle of water with you and allow yourself time to sit relaxing after. Please note: Must hold a Beauty Therapy Qualification with body work Level 4 or Massage Therapy Certificate Level 4. Hot Stone Massage training is not suitable if you are pregnant or have diabetes.

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Please note: We are a Health/Wellness Massage Therapy Business and are not connected with the sex industry.

“This was hands down the best massage I have ever had. Paula really listened to my concerns and made me feel so comfortable and at ease. I walked away feeling like I had been given special treatment and feeling amazing. Thanks Paula!” Mandy S, Swanson