On-Site Massage

Corporate Massage

Looking for a wellness solution for your staff? With over 18 years experience in providing corporate massage around Auckland and the North Shore, our team understands the different ways a workplace can impact the body and mind.

Ensuring the safety and health of your staff is a priority, we specifically do not massage to routine, as we respect that each staff member may require a different focus to the next.

Regular on-site massage allows your staff to feel appreciated, encouraging a healthy work environment where their mind body health is acknowledged by management .

We provide onsite massage:

  • Massage chair – full clothed
  • Massage table – fully or partially clothed

All we require is a small space to set up, to ensure your staff have full privacy throughout their massage session. Your massage therapist can visit weekly, fortnightly or once a month.


Our clothed Chair Massage is offered for either 15 or 20 mins, at the flat rate of $86 per hour. Our partially undressed table massage is offered for 30, 45 or 60 mins, at the flat rate of $88 per hour.

Companies may chose to pay the entire amount or partial subsidise (tax health deductable), or simply allow their staff the time off for their massage. Companies will be invoiced. For staff direct payments, staff can prepay via direct debit. There is no call out fee to central Auckland/North Shore locations. Minimum time is 150 minutes/2 1/2 hours fully booked.

Why chose Integral Massage?

  • We’ve been providing corporate massage since 2001, one of the first providers in the country. Our team is qualified, experienced and passionate about providing quality onsite massage.
  • Our service is fully mobile in Auckland.
  • We listen to you.  Service is tailored to suit your needs.
  • Professional, private, client-centric and knowledgable about workplace massage-specific health advice.
  • We work with the specific requirements of each staff.
  • We ask all staff members to complete a health consultation prior to their first appointment, to ensure their personal health requirements and contraindications are looked after.

Contact us to discuss your workplace requirements.